Herr Christ, der einge Gottessohn

(Lord Christ, the only Son of God) for soprano, alto, tenor and bass, vocal ensemble, trombone, flauto piccolo, transverse flute, oboe I+II, bassoon, strings and continuo Cantata 96 on Elisabeth Cruciger’s hymn “Herr Christ, der einge Gottessohn” (Lord Christ, the only son of God) opens with an introductory chorus in a style reminiscent of Christmas … Read More

Gott soll allein mein Herze haben

(God all alone my heart shall master) for alto, vocal ensemble (chorale), oboe I+II, taille, strings and continuo. Like many church works of Bach’s 1726/27 cycle, cantata BWV 169 was conceived as a solo cantata (with a four-voice closing chorale), suggesting both a shift in Bach’s compositional focus and the availability of capable soloists in … Read More