“Berg-Bach – How Young People Climb the Musical Himalayas”.

Documentary film about the Youth Project 2020 of the J. S. Bach Foundation

Documentary film about the youth project

Our 2020 youth project has faced headwinds from the start. First Corona wave with that lockdown that didn’t even allow music rehearsals. Then the realization that the Appenzell Bach Days – for which the Wind Suite had been specially composed – could not take place. And from this the realization that a CD recording would make no sense without festival-goers.

So we changed the objective. “The journey is the destination” is how they could be paraphrased. As a process of how young people come into deeper contact with the very special music of Johann Sebastian Bach and come to terms with it. With today’s film release, this process comes to an end for the time being. In our hands we have a film about the time we spent together. The result fills us all with great joy.


Trio 1: Nora Hamscho, Maria Luli, Chiara Näf (trumpet)

Trio 2: Cédric Peier, Thomas Roth, Michael Wachter (trumpet)

Quartet: Florian Fort (French horn), Severin Keller (bass trombone), Mike Schönbächler (trumpet), Michael Wachter (trumpet)

Director of the Boys’ Music and trumpet teacher at the Music School St. Gallen: Michael Wachter

Compositions & Organ: Rudolf Lutz

Chairman of the Foundation Board: Konrad Hummler

Coordination: Anneliese Looser

Film production: Samuel Lutz

Youth Development

To pass on the wonder of the world J. S. Bach to future generations: This is one of the self-imposed statutory objectives of our foundation.

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