Youth for Bach


“Berg-Bach – How Young People Climb the Musical Himalayas”.

Documentary film about the Youth Project 2020 of the J. S. Bach Foundation


Bach meets Pollock (Part II)

Inspired by Bach's Cello Suite in G major, young people experiment with action painting.


Bach becomes Pollock

Action Painting Experiment for J. S. Bach's 333rd Birthday


Kantonsschule St. Gallen meets Rudolf Lutz and BWV 25

Students study and sing the final chorale of the cantata BWV 25 "Es ist nicht Gesundes an meinem Leibe" with Rudolf Lutz and the Choir & Orchestra of the J.S. Bach Foundation St. Gallen.


“ChorALL” – Students of the Kantonsschule Trogen AR (Switzerland) sing with Choir & Orchestra of the J. S. Bach Foundation St. Gallen

The J. S. Bach Foundation St. Gallen has supported the public performance of the complete vocal works of Johann Sebastian Bach in Eastern Switzerland since 2006. Through its activities, the J. S. Bach Foundation strives to disseminate this cultural heritage in order to make young people in particular aware of the significance of his musical work.

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