Katharina Arfken on the characteristics of baroque wooden instruments

A look behind the scenes - Katharina Arfken

In between, we are happy to give you a look behind the scenes. In the following video, Katharina Arfken (oboist of the J. S. Bach Foundation) tells you something about the unique characteristics of baroque wooden instruments.

Translation made with the free version of the translator www.DeepL.com/Translator

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  • I complement (and have contributed to) the JS Bach Foundation on all you have done to make Bach performances of the highest quality available to an enormous internet audience. My sole criticism is that so few of your features are available in English or with a quality English translation. With regard to this Youtube video (Katharina Arfken), it is stated that “Translation made with the free version of the translator http://www.DeepL.com/Translator“, however it is not clear how to access this translation. I am an experienced user of the DeepL program; however to my knowledge it does NOT translate audio, only written text.

    • Dear Mr. Schultz

      Thank you for your feedback.

      It is true that Deepl can only translate texts and not video content. That is of course a great pity. The note “translated with Deepl” therefore only refers to the written text and not the video content.

      We are striving to offer more and more content in English as well. Recently, for example, we launched a new video series called “Bach Factory”. These videos are in English and always focus on a single cantata. There is also a current project to include subtitles on YouTube for the videos with the introductions to the works. As this work is both cost and time intensive, we have to proceed step by step. We ask for your understanding and wish you continued joy with the recordings and content we present on Bachipedia.

      Best regards from St. Gallen!

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