A fugue is a kind of escape!

Ruedi to go

Experience our conductor Rudolf Lutz and how he brings different topics directly to the point. Short, concise, entertaining. Simply “Ruedi to go”.


In this short video, Rudolf Lutz is given two minutes to explain what a fugue is. Rudolf opens by explaining that fugues always begin with a “naked” (unaccompanied) theme, and he plays an example on the piano (When Israel was in Egypt’s Land). This is followed by the “comes” (a sort of answer, a second voice); in this case, it sounds a fifth above the theme. At the same time, the first voice develops a counterpoint against the second voice. Prior to the cue for the third voice, there is a short interlude (a “Zwischenspiel”, as Rudolf says). And on it goes. A fourth voice could now be added.

A fugue is a kind of escape!

As Rudolf says: keep it simple, stupid!

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