Landsgemeindekantate «Alles Leben strömt aus dir»

Chorale cantata – Bachian in style, but original in content

for soprano, alto, tenor and bass, vocal ensemble and orchestra

The Swiss town of Trogen and its main square situated in front of the church are traditionally associated with the Landsgemeinde assemblies of the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden – and thus with the hymn “Ode an Gott” (Ode to God) sung at the beginning of each assembly. And over the last ten years, since the J. S. Bach Foundation and its ensemble conducted by Rudolf Lutz have been performing in the church, the town has also become closely associated with the sacred oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The videos of the cantata, workshop and reflecitve lecutre can be found here.

The Landsgemeinde cantata has also been released on CD.

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